Ein guter Berater ist ein hilfreicher, kritischer und erfahrener Begleiter an Ihrer Seite. Auch wenn man aus Fehlern lernt, kann man sich schmerzhafte und oft teure und verhängnisvolle Fehltritte ersparen.

A good consultant is a helpful, critical and experienced companion at your side. Even if you learn from your mistakes, you can avoid painful and often expensive and fatal missteps.

Consultants of enovatiX combine theoretical knowledge with plenty of practical experience. In addition, they are in contact with a large network of experts in all relevant fields of activity.

eConsulting begins in the initial situation, the aim and the way will be coordinated via analysis-meetings. This is followed by supervision and coaching in the relevant areas. eConsulting can accompany projects on a long term or on optimized individual topics.

Priorities eConsulting:

- conception and strategy
- businessplans and financing
- security concept
- high availability and reliability
- marketing and marketing
- internationalization