We operate our own eProjects, implement solutions for our customers and support them. We participate (via request) on projects, which have potential for our audit, which are innovative & compatible with our corporate philosophy.

Successful projects in today's modern times put on a coherent overall concept. Here, in addition to the actual product and the original idea to the technical and marketing-related peculiarities crucial for short-term and long-term success.

enovatiX = innovative idea + strategy + professional technical perfection + efficient and effective marketing

Conception & Strategy

The implementation of a project begins with the concept and strategy development. There are special features (USP), strengths, weaknesses and deferrals of competitors to work out, as well as to analyze the market. A comprehensive approach is also part of the calculation of the costs and revenue opportunities, return on investment (ROI) and operating costs and revenues. Sequence and scope must be defined in a specification, the marketing strategy must be defined and ultimately objectives, milestones and deadlines must be clearly defined. What proves to be at the start as much effort, makes itself permanently felt in the implementation and operation. However, a thorough approach and a good strategy is needed to simplify the subsequent implementation and speed up the project and the projects sequence.

Technical perfection

From the first step to the final finish, our goal is always to achieve the technical perfection for all projects. Starting with thorough planning , taking into account the important safety effects, scalability and high performance of software and hardware, as well as the reliability , through to ongoing optimization and maintenance , we attach importance to the nitty-gritty details , make the projects to date and also for the future.

Usibility and intuitive and simple visitor guidance in the foreground as well as automated processes and simplification of all processes associated with the project in the background important components perfected solutions .

We create a clear and simple interface between human and technology. We care about technical intricacies. Therefore, none of our client needs to be an IT-expert.

Content & Operation

We are planning the creation of content and the generation of matching and quality content or help. Here, we take over the complete technical management of means via networking, maintenance, and monitoring. Important are automations and simplifications

Effective and efficient marketing

Having implemented a great project is the basis. To carry this great project through effective and efficent marketing to its success, is the real breakthrough.

A suitable marketing concept begins with the exact analysis of peculiarities of services, target group, marketing budget and a general market comparison. It's time to usw Time-honored advertising channels with creative ways to combine in order to start the journey in the advertising-highway. A successful marketing plan does not need to be the most expensive concept.

Tools, such as viral marketing and online marketing, can - if used properly - achieve very large perception successes. Social media is not just a slogan, but an indispensable marketing tool. But components from the event marketing, clever inclusion of offline channels, partner and affiliate programs or even guerrilla marketing can push and complement an overall concept very well.

We look forward to each individual marketing campaign. But be careful: Out-of-the box, standard or "always the same" does not exist with us.